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Besseggløpet 2020

Besseggløpet. A 14km course with the highest point of 1743 m is located in a beautiful area of Jotunheimen National park in northern Norway, 4 hours drive north from Oslo.

The race will take place on in the end of june every year. The race follows regular , marked route over Besseggen. Start in Memurubu, finish at Gjendeosen parking. The terrain is technical, rugged, mainly gravel and stone. Usually some parts of trail are covered in snow. Start and finish are at about 1000 meters above sea level, the highest point is at 1,743 meters above sea level. The trail is about 14 km long.

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Date For Activity:

20 jun 2020
Besseggløpet 2020 20 June 2020