Sjodalen and Lemonsjøen

Sjodalen and Lemonsjøen are located in Vågå municipality. It is a broad valley beginning in the eastern part of Jotunheimen.

Hundekjøring i Jotunheimen, med Sjodalen Hyttetun

The valley has the name from the river Sjoa that runs from Gjende and down through øvre sjodalsvatnet and Lower Sjodalsvatnet. It is not far to either Besseggen or Gjende from Sjodalen. There are also cross-country opportunities in the area.

Reinens rike og Sjodalen

Sjodalelen/Lemonsjøen have many attractions based on nature and culture, and many of these are well worth a visit, such as the many catch tombs, "bua" after legendary Jo Gjende, cultural landscape, mountain pine, Ridderspranget and Hulderstigen.

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