Rondane National Park

The Rondane massifs are very powerful, highland ranges. In the south you meet a calm landscape with rounded peaks. In the north you will find tall, steep summits, ten of them over 2000 meters.

Rondvassbu i Rondane

Rondane is one of Norways natural wonders with majestic mountains and a vibrant mountain flora. You will meet the beautiful highland landscape, and high mountains rising to the sky. The 2178-meter Rondslottet is the tallest of the ten 2000-meter peaks in the Rondane Massif.

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Rondane National Park was founded in 1962 as the Norway's first national park. Today, the area covers nearly 1,000 square kilometers. Here the wildlife has lived for thousands of years, and many norwegian artists and writers have been inspired by Rondane's colorful landscape and blue light.

Visit Høvringen, which in the 1900s was one of the oldest seats in Rondane with 30 settlers in operation, or Grimsdalen, one of the oldest seater valleys in the area. The popular tourist hut Rondvassbu is the center of Rondane and has peaks on all sides - and good food and good beds.