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Travel by bus or train to the National Park Region

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In the National park Region you find 7 train stations. Take the train from Oslo, Trondheim and Åndalsnes to Otta, Dovre, Dombås, Hjerkinn, Kongsvold, Lesja, Lesjaverk or Bjorli. 

Timetables and tickets -


Daily departures from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Lillehammer. 

Shuttle bus between Hageseter/Hjerkinn and Snøheim.

Local routes in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen

Local routes in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen in the summer

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A/S Jotunheimen og Valdresruten Bilselskap direct route Oslo-Fagernes-Beitostølen-Gjendesheim-Lom-Leirvassbu

Nettbuss Måløy - Oslo - Måløy (stops in Otta skysstasjon, Vågåmo Smedsmo, Lom, Bismo and Grotli)

Fjordekspressen  NW431 from Bergen -Stryn to Trondheim ( stops in Grotli, Bismo, Lom, Vågåmo Smedsmo, Otta skysstasjon, Dovre Hydro Texaco)

Fjordekspressen - timetable here.


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Nettbuss: book your ticket online and you are guaranteed a seat. 

Lavprisekspressen: stopping only for prepaid tickets bougth online.

Valdresekpressen: book your ticket online and you are guaranteed a seat.


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