CBIS 5003388

Peer Gynt-eggen

Join the exiting trip in Peer Gynt's footsteps.
Prices from : 599 NOK Pr. person

The Peer Gynt Ridge is our self-composed trip, and is not in today's map. The area is called Smiubelgen. If you have seen a photo or tv pictures from Rondane, it is probably this area that is used. The name has been chosen because Peer Gynt has been mentioned for the first time by local mountain peoples to Per Chr. Asbjoernsen stories, who visited Hovringen and Mysusaeter to hear about old poems and stories. We start the trip at Grønlibekken in Kampen and cycle to the Peer Gynt cabin. Here we are in one of Rondan's oldest stone arches.The trip is composed after the route that Peer and Tor Ulvolden took on rich English lords on reindeer hunting, and later became the basis for the story of Peer Gynt on the back yard. There he killed the reindeer with a knife after a wild ride along the mountainside. The trip from the Peer Gynt cabin goes towards Bråkdalshøe, Ljosåbelgen and Hogbeitet. We go down again from the tops of Steet, across the Veslranden and to Ljosaabue. We give you a historical reflection of how the hunt was going, where they went and what struggle that stretched out. Join a long, challenging and very exciting trip in Peer Gynt's footsteps.

Maximum 8 persons per guide.

The trip will be canceled if there is less than 4 persons who has booked 2 days before start.