The castle in Rondane

On your way to Rondeslottet, you get two 2000 metre peaks in one trip.

Text and photo: Mari Hvalen Høihjelle

Rondeslottet is the highest and most popular peak in the area, and one of many classic 2000 meter peaks to which Rondvassbu now offer guided trips. From the trekking association cabin you can actually hike to all of the ten peaks in Norway’s oldest national park that tower above the 2000 metre mark. “The great thing about Rondeslottet, is that you get two 2000 metre peaks in one trip. Besides, it has one of the most spectacular views in Rondane,” says Synnøve Børve Hovdal (23), a guide from Oppdal.

We are on our way into Rondholet on one of the few fair-weathered days in July, and we are far from alone. The rumours of dry weather and sunshine have made sun-deprived mountaineers come running to this beautiful valley. Rondane has a very special place in the hearts of many mountaineers, cracked stone and green coloured lichens. The climb begins for real in the ravine between Storronden and Vinjeronden. After wandering from stone to stone again and again, we find ourselves at the top of the first peak of the day; Vinjeronden. The view really becomes dramatic from here and further along towards Rondeslottet. Deep corries cut through from all sides. “Nice, isn't it?” Synnøve asks once we’re finally standing 2178 metres above sea level. The view towards distant horizons and surrounding mountains gives you the feeling of looking out across ‘half the kingdom’.


Starten: Rondvassbu er startpunkt.

HVOR: Rondeslottet (2178 moh) i Rondane nasjonalpark

ADKOMST: Parker ved Spranget. Gå eller sykle seks kilometer inn til Rondvassbu. Følg DNT-sti til Rondeslottet.

LENGDE: 6–8 timer tur-retur. 6 km én vei 1000 høydemeter

VANSKELIGHETSGRAD: Middels krevende. En tur de fleste klarer. God merking hele veien.

OVERNATTING OG MAT: Vi både overnattet og spiste på DNT-hytta Rondvassbu, som er et perfekt utgangspunkt for alle toppturer i Rondane.

GÅ I RONDANE MED GUIDE: Rondvassbu tilbyr guidede turer til flere av 2000-metrene i området. Turene spenner fra nybegynnerturer som f. eks. Veslesmeden, til mer krevende turer som Sagtind/Trolltinden eller flere 2000-metertopper på én dag.

Flere perler i Rondane:
- Sagtinden/Trolltinden ( 2018 moh)
- Midtronden (2060 moh)
- Veslesmeden (2015 moh)
- Storsmeden (2016 moh)
- Vinjeronden (2044 moh)