Cycling Paradise

North Gudbrandsdalen are a mecca for all forms of cycling. Remember that your bike will take you further and you will easily experience more.

Sykkelveg Dovre Rundt

BIKING UP TO THE MOUNTAINS: Don’t worry if you are not in possession of seven-league boots! You have opportunities to rent a bicycle right at the gateway of the National Park Region and explore places that seemed unreachable before. Ride a bike to Rondvassbu or Glitterheim from the rental stations at Spranget or Veodalen parking.

ROAD CYCLING: National tourist routes. Four of these routes crisscross the National Park Region offering top-notch experiences. Add a few mountain passes to your itinerary and the hidden gem - Ottadalen route, with its cultural and natural attractions and you have all you need: Pedal ahead!

MOUNTAIN BIKE: Bone-dry inland climate. Stunning cultural landscape. A myriad of trails in the valleys, on the hillsides and in the mountains. If you are after unforgettable rides, you need look no further. Gjendesheim and Rondane Høyfjellshotell rent trail bicycles to resident guests and larger groups. Your alternatives for cycling in equally fascinating, but slightly easier terrain are Lesja, Bjorli, Grimsdalen, Høvringen and Mysuseter. Try the new cycling trail at Dovrefjell! It connects three National parks, taking you on an unforgettable journey past iconic mountains, idyllic cultural landscape and Norway’s most beautiful pastoral valley.

DOWNHILL: Mark our words: In five years’ time, downhill cyclists will storm into The National Park Region to drop from steep mountainsides, traversed with old forest roads and animal paths. The well-maintained rural road network down in the valleys will make it easy for them to transport the bikes back up the hills for the next run. Moraine, dry climate and outstanding views. Some spend time and money building downhill trails, whereas in the National Park Region, nature has got the job done.

BMX: If you like to get air under your tyres, check out the BMX park in Vågå, a place known for its extreme sports. If you are lucky, and the Big Bag is in place – do not miss your chance to do a backflip while on the roll.

FATBIKE: Just when you thought the bike season was over, it was not. In fact, it just started. Fatbikes allow you to cruise, do stunts and ride off drops on snow. If you have not tried fatbikes before, winter is the best time - check in at Gjendesheim or Hindsæter in Jotunheimen or Rondane Høyfjellshotell to get access both to the all-time widest tires and the coolest highland pump tracks.

GUIDE: Once per week throughout the summer season, you have an opportunity to join a guided bike tour from Gjendesheim through stunning nature and cultural landscapes. Do you need a guide all to yourself? Contact Gjendeguiden, the local experts on two-wheels.