Cross-country skiing in North Gudbrandsdalen

Gudbrandsdalen boasts many hundred kilometers of groomed ski trails, including high-mountain routes. Cross-country trails from North Gubrandsdalen reach as far as Lillehammer and Sjusjøen.

Langrenn i måneskinn på Mysusæter

Imagine sun and blue skies, white plains, cool temperatures and miles of cross-country trails ahead. You have a chance to experience all this in Gudbrandsdalen and the National Park Region. Choose between the solitude of vast mountain areas, marked ski trails and circuits, lighted racing trails, skate-skiing trails or biathlon facilities.

Rondane // Høvringen // Mysusæter // Grimsdalen

The varied cross-country ski trails in Rondane - Dovrefjell are simply fantastic. Rondane mountains are a great backdrop for Høvringen mountain trails, and to make the ski trip perfect, remember to top at Peer Gynt cabin for a high mountain waffle. From here, you can access Mysusæter trails or ski all the way to Lillehammer if you wish. See trail map on

Dovrefjell // Dombås // Lesja // Bjorli

Dovre and Dovrefjell have varied trails, both in the forest and high mountain areas. In Dombås you will find both racing and skate-skiing trails as well as artificial snow and biathlon facilities. Somewhat further west lies Bjorli, a place for all forms of cross-country skiing: training trails, mountain and skate-skiing trails, circuits and opportunities to explore the wild nature of the national parks Reinheimen and Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella on backcountry skis. The area has plenty of snow and the skiing season is long.

Jotunheimen // Lemonsjøen // Sjodalen // Gjende

The trail network in the west, in Jotunheimen is equally diverse. In Jotunheimen, ski trails connect Lemonsjøen and Valdresflye and snow conditions are fine from early November until May. Lemonsjøen has more than 150 kilometers of cross-country trails, offering great trips for everyone. The trails are suitable for both classic and skate skiing and their high quality is maintained throughout the season. See the map of Lemonsjøen here. There are many skiing opportunities between Sjodalen and Gjendeosen. Cross-country trails wind through spectacular scenery of Jotunheimen, Gjende and Besseggen. Here, you have some great opportunities for ski touring if you wish to leave the trails.  

Breheimen // Skjåk // Billingen // Grotli

Skjåk has good snow conditions and offers all sorts of skiing from racing, cross-country and skate-skiing trails, to backcountry skiing in the Breheimen and Reinheimen national parks. Trails from Pollfoss and Bottn stretch to Billingen and further as far as Grotli.


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