The pearl of Dovre

The calm, forgiving landscape of Dovre national park invokes serenity and profound thought. The Pikhetta peak is an easy hike with a broad view.

Tekst og foto: Mari Hvalen Høihjelle

The Dovre national park is a hidden pearl in itself. The humble landscape is somewhat overshadowed by the giants in Rondane national park and Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park, but don’t let this gem of nature pass you by. The round, forgiving mountain formations dressed in various shades of moss are just as beautiful, and provide easily hiked trails and it’s own distinctive peacefulness.

After a good night’s sleep in the idyllic Grimsdal cabin, we set off on the trekking association trail to the north towards Hjerkinn. We wander along easily trodden trails and through a magnificent V-shaped valley. After crossing Nørdre Tverråe, we decide to take a detour over to Fallfossen. A spectacular sight, before heading back onto the trail. After a while, we leave the trekking association trail. The moss-covered landscape is very easily trodden, and the wavy shapes provide serenity and space for profound thought. The national park is a core area for Norwegian mountain botanical growth, due to the favourable soil. In turn, this has created good conditions for birds and wildlife. The wild reindeer is the character species of Dovre, spending the entire year here.

You have to cross the Tjønnbekken stream, whether you jump or wade across. We proceed by following the south-west ridge up towards the peak. Once we reach the top, the landscape opens up to us in all directions. To the east, we see straight in towards Folldal, and to the north towers the majestic Snøhetta. To the west, we see further inn towards Dovre national park with the peaks Katuglehøi and Grønhøe. To the south, Rondane shows off with emerging autumn colours and a light white sprinkle. We turn our gaze homewards with the feeling of having discovered a hidden treasure.


Omveien: Fallfossen er verdt en liten avstikker fra stien.

HVOR: Pikhetta (1510 moh) i Dovre nasjonalpark

ADKOMST: Parker ved Grimsdalshytta i Grimsdalen. Følg DNT-sti mot Hjerkinn. Ta av fra stien rett før høyde 1292 og sørvestryggen opp til topps.

LENGDE: 4–6 timer tur-retur. 8 km én vei. 500 høydemeter.

VANSKELIGHETSGRAD: Enkel tur i lettgått terreng.

OVERNATTING OG MAT: Vi både overnattet og spiste på DNT-hytta Grimsdalshytta, som er et perfekt utgangspunkt for turer i Dovre, eller videre til Rondane.

Flere perler i Dovre:
- Nysæterhøe (1321 moh)
- Fallfosshøe (1343 moh)
- Mesæterhøe (1399 moh)