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Urørt ski- og sykkeleventyr

Join us on the ultimate expedition for active foodies! The perfect combo of beautiful trails, local produce and microbrew.
Prices from : 10500 NOK

We guide you on the best trails in the beautiful Norwegian mountains, and bring our own chef and favorite local brewery along for the trip. We finish every day with 3-course meals made from local produce, a specialy tailored beer-menu, and accommodation at a rustique mountain farm. In addition our local brewery joins us to host a private beer-tasting.


Day 1:
Arrival in the evening at the local mountain farm, which will serve as our base for the tour. After dinner we will go through the plan for the days ahead.

Day 2:
Our own chef serves a magnificent breakfast at our base before we head out for the first day in the Norwegian mountains. We live in the middle of mtb-paradise, with dry alpine singletracks in beautiful scenery. We finish the day with a super fun singletrack through the woods back to our base, with a well-earned microbrew in the sun or the hot tub. In the evening we will have a microbrew tasting with a local brewery, before we enjoy a 3-course meal from local produce gathered just outside our doorstep.

Day 3:
Another day of enjoying the best of the Norwegian mountains. We head back out to the amazing network of singletracks, and finish the day with a 3-course meal and microbrew.

Day 4:
After breakfast we will be transported to Mt. Tron, where we will be shuttled up to a mountain plateau on Norway’s second highest lying mountain road. From the plateau we have 400 vertical meters of fantastic singletrack down to the tree line, from where we can pick and choose among some of the best mountain biking Norway has to offer.

Address: Øverjordet 15, 2560 Alvdal
Phone: +4797032051