Wild and beautiful Reinheimen

In the middle of the spectacular wilderness of Reinheimen national park towers what is perhaps the least known mountain peak over 2000 metres in Norway.


Text and photo: Mari Hvalen Høihjelle

Reinheimen is one of the most remote areas of Southern Norway, and offers a feeling of wilderness, varied mountain terrain, great fishing lakes, lush valleys, plains and impressive icefall in the kingdom of the wild reindeer. The hike starts from the Billingen Seterpensjonat guest house, where we follow a steep trail with red markings up towards Føystjønn, on the eastern side of Store Føysa. Safely at the top by Føystjønn, the view towards Breheimen, Skjåkfjella and parts of Reinheimen is at the very least, impressive. The lake is one of several excellent fishing lakes in the area.

Onwards towards Skarvedalshytta cabin, I take out my map and compass, because this is the end of the trail. I have the entire valley to myself, and time to find peace in the mountain. Skarvedalshytta cabin sits peacefully on a small mount in Skarvedalen valley, and has been painted pink and red by the sunset for the occasion. The cabin is a cherished shelter in a national park that is scarcely adapted for travel. Day two, the fog lies thick over Skarvedalen, but there is nothing wrong with a slow morning with the radio on, a pot of coffee and eggs and bacon. When the fog lifts around noon, I leave the cabin and head towards Gråhøe. The peak doesn't exactly cry out for attention – it is actually rather flat. Periodical fog deprives me of the ultimate view to the mountain region I am now standing in the middle of. I see only glimpses of distant peaks, Storbrean and the awesome Dordiholet.

Once on the top, I head east, whilst keeping north of Løyfthøene. I see several signs of the mountain nomad, the wild reindeer, which has one of its natural habitats here. Darkness falls. After wearing a head torch for a while, Nordre Grønvatnbu finally emerges. Nirvana!

The final leg of the hike is a light, easy walk. Asbjørnsdalen is absolutely stunning, showing itself at its very best. Safely back on the parking lot at Rånå by Bjorli, I see people for the very first time since I started. I have really gotten a taste of the wilderness!


Nirvana: En natt på Grønvatnbu gjør godt.

HVOR: Gråhøe (2014 moh) i Reinheimen nasjonalpark

ADKOMST: Parker ved Billingen i Skjåk, gå til Skarvedalshytta via Føystjønn, videre over Gråhøe og til Nordre Grønvatnet. Retur til Rånå via Asbjørnsdalen

LENGDE: 3 dager. Til sammen ca 45 km.


OVERNATTING: Vi overnattet på trivelige Skarvedalshytta (Skjåk almenning) og Nordre Grønvatnbu (Lesja Fjellstyre/Lordalen statsalmenning). Start fra Billingen seterpensjonat

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