Vinter på Høvringen

Breheimen - Dovrefjell - Dovre - Jotunheimen - Reinheimen - Rondane

The National Park Region

Great outdoor activities and a warm welcome make holidays in the National Park Region an unforgettable experience.

Explore Gudbrandsdalen

Breheimen - Dovre - Dovrefjell - Jotunheimen - Rondane - Reinheimen

Welcome to Gudbrandsdalen

Six national parks, idyllic towns, and perhaps the world's best hosts are waiting for you.


Explore the great and unique experiences in the National Park Region of Norway.

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Great Experiences

Welcome to Gudbrandsdalen

See you soon!

A dream came trough

We are impressed at how much the National Park Region has to offer in ways of adventure, activities, accommodation and food.

Family Slokvik/Løkenhagen

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