Høst i Sjodalen
Foto høst i Rondane

Autumn in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen valley

Get ready for the moment the mountains open their annual festival of colour. Here's a guide to autumn in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen.

The Colours of Rondane

There is plenty of beautiful scenery in Norway, but autumn in the mountains of Nord-Gudbrandsdalen trumps them all. The mountains invite you for wonderful walks, delicious food and excellent places to stay. Autumn is the time to harvest and the food definitely tastes best in the mountains.

The national parks Rondane, Jotunheimen, Dovrefjell, Breheimen, Reinheimen and Dovre are excellent places to start the autumn holidays. There are loads of places to overnight along the border zones of the national parks, or you may prefer to stay in a tent or cabin in the middle of a National Park. 

Can you imagine?! - Waking in a tent, with frost on the ground. Misty lakes. Sub-zero temperature. Then in a flash, the fog rises, replaced by blue skies and an explosion of sunrise - as you make breakfast on the fire.

What would you like to do?

Find all activities and experiences in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen this summer.

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