Glittersjå Fjellgård
Moskus på Dovrefjell
Fjellridning i Jotunheimen
Ku i Finndalen

Wildlife and Safaris

During a long weekend in Gudbrandsdalen, enjoy an audience with the king of the forest, the queen of the mountaintops and other wild beasts on Dovrefjell mountain. You can also explore the national parks on horseback!

Musk Oxen on Dovrefjell

Millions of years ago in the Norwegian mountains and valleys, musk oxen grazed side by side with mammoths. You can still experience these beasts alive and kicking on Dovrefjell. Several of the mountain lodges at Dovrefjell offer daily musk-ox safaris with a very high chance of experiencing musk oxen in their element - and zero chance of getting close enough to provoke an attack.

These furry locomotives run at 60 km/h - that's 60 metres in 3.6 seconds! If you encounter a musk ox, keep a safe distance of at least 200 metres. It may seem both fearless and tame as you pass by, but the musk ox has an unusual defence strategy. Unlike other animals that run away when they feel threatened, the musk ox does not run from danger, but instead attacks.

Join a musk ox safari!

Moskus på Dovrefjell
Elg på Glittersjå


The King of the Forest gives an audience to all visitors to Glittersjå Mountain Farm in Murudalen, at the gateway to Jotunheimen. A newly built large stone wall with low railings gives the audience unobstructed views of the moose enclosure and close contact with the four-legged kings at feeding time, which is several times a day.

You can also go on a moose safari with Dovrefjell Adventures or Dovre&Lesja Aktiv!


Hover boots aren't necessary to experience the national parks. You can travel fast enough straddling a saddle. In Gudbrandsdalen valley, it's easy to find a four-legged guide to ride through the national parks. Horse riding and riding courses are available for complete beginners and more experienced riders.

Read more about horseback riding!

På hesteryggen i Rondane
Reinens rike Sjodalen


Wild reindeer are unique to Norway and can be found in five mountain areas in the North Gudbrandsdalen valley. In the mountain areas you can find fascinating traces of man's intense and creative quest to hunt reindeer - but remember that all who travel in the mountains today have a special responsibility to protect the unique wild reindeer that still live there.

To experience these fascinating reindeer at close range and as clear as day, Sjodalen in Jotunheimen is the place to go. The beautiful mountain valley that runs out of Gjende is called the Reinens Rike - the reindeer's kingdom - and has unique ingredients, traditions, cultural history and exciting activities related to the reindeer. Every week from the winter holiday until Easter, you can ride a sleigh with the reindeer.

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