Moose safari with Dovre og Lesja Aktiv

Join us on moose safari
Starts from Hjerkinnhus every day throughout the summer at 8 PM (June 20 to August 20). From 1th of August there might be a change of starting time for the safari.

From August 21 to June 19, the tour is only arranged upon request. Book 24 hours before for NOK 300, - or drop-in NOK 350, -

Guided tours for max. 20 people, partly by bus/car. The tour lasts about 3 hours and is suitable for every level and/or age.
Guide brings telescopic binoculars, opportunity to rent a telescope. Includes simple refreshment/snacks.

The trip gives you a great chance to see moose, also the opportunity to see large birds of prey, wading and wetland birds, a small chance to see deer and roe deer, foxes and hares. There are several cultural monuments from earlier times in the area.

Prior to the moose safari, the lecture "Skinn, Klauv and Gevir" is held at Hjerkinnhus. The guide talks about differences and similarities and shows skin, clovers and antlers from musk, moose, reindeer and deer. Attendants are given the opportunity to touch and feel the objects, photograph and ask questions. Lasts about 1 hour, is educational for everyone, but may be especially suitable for children and young adults. The lecture is held before the safari.

Contact Information

Address: Hjerkinnhus veien 35, 2661 Hjerkinn
Phone: +47464 20 102