The Hunting and Trapping Heritage Park

Welcome to the Wild Reindeer Visitor Center! Here, it is our goal to let you experience the Dovrefjell mountains. We will show you how hunting, trapping and travelling were done in earlier times.
Feel free to take a walk through the Hunting and Trapping Heritage Park. The mountains were important for our ancestors. It was here they hunted reindeer and arctic foxes for food and for the material to make clothing and tools.

They also trapped birds of prey, which they sold. You will see the method and techniques they used as you follow the path through the Hunting and Trapping Heritage Park. In bygone times, the journey across Dovrefjell mountain range – a route taken by royalty, soldiers, pilgrims and others – was well known and feared.

Shelters (sælehus) were built to provide refuge for those crossing the mountains. If you would like to see and experience what it was like to spend the night on Dovrefjell, you can go into the shelter in the park.
Address: Hjerkinnhusveien 33, 2661 Hjerkinn