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Stay at the brand new boutique hotel in Vågå

Sleep in comfortable beds, in one of the 10 unik hotel rooms located in a 200 years old timber villa in the citycentre of Vågå.

Sov Lodge is a completely renovated three-storeyed log house from the 1800s. Its body may go back in time, but we have converted it into a top modern «boutique hotel», which include 10 double rooms, a breakfast room with timber walls and an open soapstone fireplace. In the basement we have fitted in a small spa area. One of the rooms is a large suite with a four-poster bed, a tv-room and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub.
The interior of the hotel reflects its natural habitat with old, local antiques and an abundance of soft fabrics. Every room has its own twist and its own «story». We have a small garden where you may enjoy your breakfast or cup of coffee in the sun among flowers and herbaceous plants.
Our restaurant, Andre Etasje (Second Floor) with its distinct atmosphere and a large roof terrace, is situated 200m from the Lodge. See more about our restaurant here: www.andreetasje.no.

About your hosts:
Sun Lodge is owned and run by the hosts of Brimi Fjellstugu and Brimi Eventyr. These are experienced people who have dedicated their lives to tourism, empasizing personal service, presence and quality. You will meet some of them during your stay with us.

The neighbourhood:
Vågå is a small rural community with about 2500 inhabitants, located at the gate of the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen, and Reinheimen National Park. In the vicinity of our community there are ample possibilities of short or long trips on foot or by bicycle. Vågå is surrounded by mountains, overlooking the unique, green Vågå Lake, which invites you to try boating, fishing or kayaking.

Right in the centre of Vågå you will find our proud stave church from the beginning of the 1600s. During the summer time there are daily guided tours here. Otherwise, we recommend a visit to our old parsonage, Ulinsvin within a five-minutes’ walk from the hotel. Here enthusiast have lovingly reconstructed the garden as it once was over two hundred years ago. Close by the garden there is a modern gallery, founded by the renowned photographer and true Våga friend, Morten Krogvold, and opened in 2019 by Mette-Marit, the Crown Princess, herself. Read more here: www.ullinsvin.no

  • Breakfast included
  • Hiking trails
  • Close to mountains
  • Close to river
  • Mountain view
  • Tätort
  • Mountain hiking
  • Fishing on site
  • Cross country tracks
Address: Brennvegen 4, 2680 Vågå