Topptur på ski i Rondane
Peer gynt Hytta

Alpine Tours in Rondane

Rondane has ten mountain peaks over 2000 metres with excellent opportunities for alpine tours.

High-Altitude Skiing in Rondane

Rondane is a hidden gem for skiers. Due to fairly long approaches to the mountains and lots of wind, Rondane has not established itself as an area for alpine touring, but if you stay at Rondvassbu Lodge you'll find great places to ski right outside the door. It's easiest to climb Digerronden, Midtronden and Høgronden from the eastern side of Rondane.

The rest of the peaks can be climbed from Rondvassbu or Mysusæter. Sagtindene can be reached from both Mysusæter and Smuksjøseter / Høvringen.

Guided Tours and Rental in Rondane

Rondaneguiden will happily help you navigate the mountaintops and can arrange courses and tours on request.

Located in the centre of Rondane National Park, Rondvassbu Lodge is surrounded by 2000-metre high mountain peaks. It's a wonderful place to stay, rent alpine-tour equipment and join guided tours leaving right from the doorstep.

Accommodation in Rondane in the winter

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