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Munch experiences in Vågå

Get an insight into Edvard Munch´s connection with Vågå by exploring the places he himself considered important.

Enjoy a Munch walk in the centre of Vågåmo, and listen to episodes of the audio play “Great-grandmothers portrait” along the way. You will visit Vågå church, the rectory, Galleri Ullinsvin, and Jutulheimen open-air museum.

Visit the beautiful Vågå church (from 1130) that captured Edvard Munch´s heart, and where his ancestors served as clergy.

Munch trail

Follow the Munch trail from Bessheim, which is a heritage walk to Vågåmo and Ullinsvin rectory.

Edvard Munch (1863–1944) is Norway's most renowned painter. In 1895, he walked to Jotunheimen and stayed in the Gjende area for a few days before heading down to Vågåmo. The Munch trail is a walk in Edvard’s footsteps where you get to know the artist and his connection with Vågå. There are also several natural and cultural heritage sites to explore along the way. The Munch trail is 54 km long, and is clearly marked. It is also suitable for cycling. There are several restaurants and places to stay along the way, and some offer a special Munch menu.

If you prefer to explore the Munch trail or village centre with a guide, please contact Galleri Ullinsvin. Advance booking is required. Guided tours are available on certain days during summer.


Explore the restored Renaissance garden originally created by Edvard Munch’s great-grandmother, Christine Storm Munch, and visit Galleri Ullinsvin – Vågå’s arts & culture centre.

At Ullinsvin you will also find art exhibitions, a rectory garden steeped in history, and Café Edvard serving delicious cakes such as great-grandmother Christine’s renowned lemon tart.

In the rectory garden is a bust of Edvard Munch. This was made by his fellow student, Jo Visdal, and shows the artist at 23 years old.

Some establishments in Vågå offer a Munch menu inspired by the recipe book of Edvard Munch's great-grandmother. These are Bessheim Fjellstue, Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend, and Vågå hotel.

Visit Gammel-Kleppe Heritage Hotel where an information centre - Munchely - is being created, telling the story of how Edvard Munch’s paternal ancestors influenced his art and life. Under development.

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