Musk OX safari at Dovrefjell

Musk Ox safari with local guides in Dovrefjell.
What to expect
Together with our guide, you will go on a hike in beautiful Dovrefjell National Park to search for the musk ox.

There are over 200 musk oxen in Dovrefjell. Our guides are well known in the area, and joining us increases the chances of spotting them. In addition, you will learn all there is to know about the musk ox - and of course other local wildlife, plants and history. During the hike, our guide talks about how the national park has changed from the last ice age until modern times, and how this has influenced life in the region. With a bit of lick, we might also spot birds of prey, ptarmigan or reindeer.

To not disturb the musk oxen, we keep a distance of 200 m. Our guide brings a telescope, and it is possible to rent binoculars before the hike. Musk ox are wild animals and move freely in the national park, making it difficult to predict how long each hike will be. Generally speaking, it is a medium demanding trip of 7-15 km and lasts 5-6 hours.

Minimum age is 6 years. We hike in groups of 2-18 people per guide.
If you would like to hire a private guide, contact us!

Dogs on a leash is allowed, but it is the owners responsibility to make sure the dog is fit enough to join. In some situations, the dog and owner may have to keep a slightly longer distance to the musk ox. Dog waste bags are mandatory!

What to bring?
Bring some extra warm clothes, as the weather changes rapidly in the mountains. We advise to wear waterproof hiking shoes, preferably with ankle support. Bring a packed lunch with something to drink, and binoculars if you have them!

Date For Activity:

01 jun 2024
Musk OX safari at Dovrefjell 01 June 2024
02 jun 2024
Musk OX safari at Dovrefjell 02 June 2024
03 jun 2024
Musk OX safari at Dovrefjell 03 June 2024

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