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The scenic mountain route along Rondane by mountain bike

Arrive and depart by train, enjoy and experience by mountain bike! An exclusive tour in the Norwegian mountains.
Prices from : 13500 NOK

With Rondane National Park as our backdrop we will follow the scenic mountain route from Østerdalen to Gudbrandsdalen. Along the way we will experience some of the best mountain biking and mountain culture that Norway has to offer.


Day 1:
For those who travel by train we will pick you up at the train station and transport you to your lodging at the mountain farm of Gjermundshaugvangen. If you travel by car we will pick you up in Ringebu where our tour ends. Gjermundshaugvangen is a traditional mountain farm in one of the most active agricultural regions in Norway. For supper you will be served traditional mountain food, made from produce at the farm.

Day 2:
After a solid breakfast we will embark on the planned route of the day. We will follow the old trails from the historic mines in the area, and specifically the trail of the cableway connecting the mines with the railway in Alvdal. We finish our tour with a refreshingly fun descent from the top of the old cableway and down to our lodging at Kvebergsøya farm hotel. After a delicious 3-course meal from local produce we get a good night sleep and get ready for the next day.

Day 3:
Our singletrack of the day literally starts at our doorstep. We will follow the singletrack in the direction of Rondane National Park, and during our tour we will enjoy two beautiful descents surrounded by the scenic mountains of Rondane. At the end of our last descent we will be picked up and transported along the National Scenic Route Rondane to our lodging at Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane. Upon arrival you can enjoy a relaxing swim at Karlsvogna wellness area before we get a delicious dinner made from local produce.

Day 4:
After some well earned rest and restitution at Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane we get back on our bikes to explore Venabygdsfjellet together with our partners at Værfast AS. Venabygdsfjellet is a unique area for mountain biking, praticularly because of the combination of singletracks above and below the treeline. At the end of the day we finish with a spectacular trail down to the center of Ringebu. Our lodging will be at a summer farm at the other side of the valley, where we will charge our batteries with a proper farewell-dinner in great company.

Day 5:
After a solid and traditional mountain breakfast it is time to explore the beautiful trails surrounding us in the western part of Ringebu. These mountain areas offer miles and miles of singletrack, and we will explore some of the best trails which will eventually take us down to Ringebu at the end of the day, and the end of our journey.

Address: Øverjordet 15, 2560 Alvdal
Phone: +4797032051