Sjoa Familierafting - Climbing park

Come and experience tree climbing in Sjoa Klatrepark. The climbing park for children. The climbing park opened in 2022 and has 3 different climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty (all the way down to 3 years). The simplest ones are very child-friendly, while the more difficult ones can present challenges even for adults. There are experiences for the whole family.
We are based in Gudbrandsdalen, in the forest, by the river Gudbrandsdalslågen in very beautiful natural surroundings. Sjoa Klatrepark has an intro trail and 3 climbing trails at different heights and levels of difficulty and is operated by Sjoa Familierafting. The different trails are quite close to each other. That means you can hover or climb next to someone you know on another trail, which gives a good sense of community and closeness and is often more fun, both high and low.

With the latest safety equipment, we make it possible for you and your children to always be safe when you climb. Once you are connected to the safety wire, you will not get off again until you are through the course. Of course, we have the option of disconnecting you from the wire should the need arise. Everyone will be equipped with a harness and helmet and will receive thorough training on our practice track before you are let loose in the park.

Participants will be provided with the necessary safety equipment.

Opening hours: 10 a.m. – 18.00
Duration: 3 hours
Age limit: 3 years accompanied by an adult.
Season: 15 June – 25 August

Contact Information

Address: Gudbrandsdalsvegen 430, 2670 Otta