Skjåk, situated in Ottadalen in Oppland county, is surrounded by majestic mountains and incredible countryside for outdoor pursuits. Reinheimen National Park lies to the north and Breheimen National Park to the south.

Bismo is the administrative centre of Skjåk municipality and has shops, grocery stores and restaurants. To the west, towards Strynefjellet, you will find Billingen, a wonderful area full of places to hike, great cultural landscapes and incredible countryside.

Way out west is Grotli, with a ski resort, many beautiful mountain walks and a great network of bike trails. Grotli is perfectly positioned between two national parks and is a great starting point for the many adventures in Geiranger, Nordfjord and Strynefjellet.

Billingen Seterpensjonat
Fiske i Skjåk
Steinbrua på Billingen

Skjåk is surrounded by two national parks: Breheimen and Reinheimen, with untouched wilderness, rich wildlife, untamed nature, mountain peaks and several glaciers. The DNT cabin Sota Seter is a good starting point for hikes in Breheimen, with the trip up Tverrådalskyrkja mountain being perhaps the greatest hike of all. It's a fantastic hike in both summer and winter. In the national parks and elsewhere in Skjåk there are excellent opportunities for hunting and fishing. Skjåk Almenning has 17 mountain cabins for rent, and you can purchase one fishing license that covers 250 fishing lakes and several rivers.

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