Would you like to experience to the highest point in Norway, or as we call it; "Norway's roof"! Galdhøpiggen will offer you one of the best views in Norway, and it is a hike that most people can do. Galdhøpiggen is Norway and even Northern Europe's tallest summit, and one of the most visited summits in Jotunheimen national park and in Norway. The summit is 2469masl. 

About the hike

Galdhøpiggen is one of Norway's big classics and you can find it in Jotunheimen national park. The surroundings are amazing and from the summit you can see both Rondane, Glittertind, Snøhetta and big parts of what we call "mountain Norway". The trip can be done from Juvashytta or Spiterstulen. 

Starting at Juvashytta: The hike takes approximately 5 hours. The distance is about 11km and 650 height meters from the start point. Parts of the hike is across the Juvass-glacier and to do this you need a guide and ropes. This you have to book in before you start the hike. The glacier is not too steep and does not have the biggest cracks, so crampons is not necessary. However there can still be hidden cracks that makes the walk over the glacier dangerous without ropes. 

Starting at Spiterstulen: The hike starts by the tree-limit and ends up at Norways roof-top. It says itself that the hike is long and with many height meters. You can walk outside of the glacier and on a marked track, so choosing Spiterstulen as a starting point you can walk without a guide. You can still book a guide if you want to. The hike is approximately 13km and you have to climb 1520 height meters. 

At the top you will find a cabin: Pigghytta, where you can buy drinks, souvernires and chocolate if you are walking in season. If the weather is bad this is a perfect place to get the warmth back and relax before the hike back down. 

Klimapark (Climate park) 2469

When you are already in the area you should visit the ice-tunnel Klimapark 2469, only a short distance away from Juvasshytta. You will be able to join a guided tour inside the ice and hear stories about the glacier and archaeological findings that have been done on the surrounding glaciers. 

FAQ about the hike to Galdhøpiggen

From Juvashytta -----From Juvasshytta the hike takes about 6-8 hours, depending on the group of people.

From Spiterstulen the hike takes about 8-10 hours.


  • Mountain boots
  • Ekstra socks
  • First aid kit
  • Blister patches
  • Sunglasses
  • Inner wool layer
  • Wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Mittens and a hat
  • Minimum 1l water
  • Food
  • Map and compass
  • Some chocolate for the mood
  • Camera
  • Money if you want to purchase something at the top

You can get to the summit of Galdhøpiggen all year round, but it is mostly in spring and summer that people walk it. In the wintertime it can be an amazing experience with mountain skis or touring skis, but be aware that there can be hidden cracks in the glacier. The weather can also be rough, since it is pretty high above the sea level - therefore you have to check the weather and make precautions. 

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