WINTER Musk Ox safari at Dovrefjell

Dovre­fjell is well known for the tribe of Musk ox.
Prices from : 2990

- Prices Kr. 2990 in total for 1-5 persons

We offer musk ox tours for

- Groups of 1-5 people
- Starts from 09.00 at Furuhaugli.
- The trip lasts 4–8 hours, approx. 8–20 km.
- Includes hiking snacks, coffee/tea/cocoa.
- You need your own car, good and warm shoes, warm and water/windproof clothes and a packed lunch. It is a good idea to bring your own binoculars and a camera with a zoom/telephoto lens.
- Period: (1.09 - 31.05)

Contact Information

Address: Furuhauglie 80, 2660 Dombås