Grønfossen på Bjorli
Høyt og Lavt på Bjorli
Jernbanebru på Bjorli


At the very top of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, only a few kilometres from Romsdalen valley, you will find the municipality of Lesja and the village of Bjorli.

Bjorli It’s a small community in a relatively large geographical area, with long traditions for tourism. Bjorli is surrounded by great mountain areas and national parks like Reinheimen, Tafjordfjella and Dovrefjell.

If you’re itching to start skiing as early as possible, Bjorli is known for its long winter season, reliable snowfall and great cross country skiing opportunities. Bjorli has several downhill slopes and lifts.

Sagelva Hydropower Center

300 years of hydropower history.

Sagelva vasskraftsenter

Høyt & Lavt climbing park

The climbing park is located in beautiful surroundings at Bjorli.

Høyt & Lavt Bjorli

Bjorli ski school and rental

The ski shop have everything you need for skiing holiday at Bjorli!

Bjorli Skiskole

Summer at Bjorli

There are several activities in the outdoors at Lesja and Bjorli. The summer in the area is normally warm and dry. With the many mountains and national parks, there is a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, riding, cycling and hunting.

If you want to go fishing, Bjorli and Lesja can tempt you with more than 250 fishing areas made up of lakes and rivers. If you want to experience local culture and old traditions, you can visit the open-air museum Lesja Bygdemuseum. Next to the museum you will find Lesja Church, built in 1749, which is famous for its magnificent wood carvings. Don’t forget to make a stop at Avdemsbue, where you can buy locally made cheese and other local products from Nord-Gudbrandsdalen.

Høyt og Lavt Bjorli

Høyt & lavt climbing park

95 elements - 10 zip lines - 7 tracks. Høyt & lavt climbing park at Bjorli has open every day in the summer, and in the holidays and weekends all year around. Read more here!

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