Utsikt fra Besseggen i Jotunheimen

Getting to Besseggen

Did you know that there is excellent public transport to Besseggen? If you decide to drive, be sure to take the National Tourist Route Valdresflye over Besseggen.

Public Transport to Besseggen

The Valdres Express: from 16 June - 6 October, The Valdres Express goes all the way to Gjendesheim. At Fagernes, the bus corresponds with The Valdres Express from Oslo and Bergen. The service runs up to 4 times a day in the high season. Check the timetable here.

Trains and local buses: you can take the train to Otta Station and from there the local bus to Gjendesheim runs twice a day during the summer season. There is bus change in Vågå, but the buses correspond. Check the timetable here.

Also check out Entur's travel planner below.

Travel by Car to Besseggen

Besseggen can be found along the National Tourist Route Valdresflye, midway between Vågå and Beitostølen. Just experiencing Valdresflye is a good enough reason to drive to Besseggen. Driving over Valdresflye feels like flying, as the road hovers over and stretches beyond the landscape. Along the way, there are several art installations and places to park, positioned in ideal places for short walks or long hikes.

Parking at Besseggen

There is short-term parking at Gjendeosen, where you can park for free for up to 2 hours. If you need to park for more than 2 hours, drive to Reinsvangen, which is 1.7 kilometres from the jetty at Gjendeosen. During the high season, there's a shuttle bus continuous, or latest 15 minutes before boat departure. Make sure you leave enough time to park so you don't miss the boat!. It's also fine to walk from Reinsvangen - just follow the road. Read more about parking here: besseggen1743.no

If you stay at Gjendesheim Lodge, there's free parking at the lodge.

Boat to Besseggen

The majority of people who walk Besseggen take the Gjende boat one way. The Gjende boats travel between Gjendeosen, Memurubu and Gjendebu, and can be an excellent logistical link for hikers in the mountains around Gjende. As you hike, a boat can transport your luggage.

Most people who walk Besseggen take the morning boat from Gjendeosen to Memurubu, then walk along the ridge back to Gjendeosen, to a delicious meal and a good night's sleep at Gjendesheim Lodge. Many visitors walk from Gjendeosen in the morning and take the boat back from Memurubu in the afternoon.

If you're planing to walk Besseggen and take the boat service, it's advisable to book your boat tickets online. During the high season, some departures may be full. To secure a place and avoid queuing at Gjendeosen, it's best to book in advance.

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