The mountain village of Høvringen is situated at 1000 m.a.s.l in the north of Gudbrandsdalen, as the western gateway to Rondane National Park.

When the farm hamlets were at its peak in the period around 1900, Høvringen was one of the largest farm villages with at least 35 summer farms. Mountain farming in the traditional form has ceased in our mountains, but still there are herds of cattle in the summer. 

In the middle of the 1800s, the tourism had its humble beginnings. Englishmen went to the mountains with a guide and a gun for hunting. We can still see the hunting cottages they built and that today serves as a shelter for hunters in the fall hunt.

Høvringen and Rondane have left their mark in Norwegian cultural history. On his journey through the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, P. Chr. Asbjørnsen, well known for his compilations of old Norwegian legends and fairy-tales, stayed in Høvringen in 1842. His stay formed the basis for the story of a local legend, Peer Gynt, who came upon trolls and terrifying monsters in Rondane. Asbjørnsen's fairy-tale Reindeer hunt at Rondane 20 years later created the basis for Henrik Ibsen's drama, Peer Gynt.

På vei inn i Rondane Nasjonalpark

Arctic Dome Rondane

Welcome to the unique Arctic Dome in Rondane!

Arctic Dome Høvringen
Telting med utsikt i Rondane Høvringen

Summer at Høvringen

The summer at Høvringen offers many hiking opportunities, and the Formokampen is the most popular. Høvringen is known for the great hiking terrain suitable for all from children and grandparents, to active mountain enthusiasts and athletes. There are relatively easy climb and you get a great view to Rondane, Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell.

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