Lemonsjøen is a fantastic area in Jotunheimen with beautiful, varied countryside, vibrant cultural landscapes and, 300 kilometres of cross-country trails and an alpine ski resort.

Lemonsjøen is a mountain destination close by Jotunheimen National Park, with a wide range of activities in both summer and winter.


Nearby you will find Besseggen, the rafting river Sjoa, the national tourist route Valdresflye and many wonderful outdoor adventures.

Trollhøe mountain is the pride of Lemonsjøen, with panoramic views of Jotunheimen, Rondane and even further on clear days. The area is also good for cycling, with gravel roads and trails with varied terrain. There is also a well-marked hiking area with both walking paths and bike trails.

At Kalven Seter you can meet Norway's only milkmaid barista. The Lemonsjø troll, that lurks beneath Gråhø, and The Sculpture Stop down by the Lemonsjøen lake, adds an extra dimension to the outdoor adventures.

Mountain trout swim in many of the charming mountain lakes and grouse offer the autumn's hunting challenge. Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend offers boat rental on five mountain lakes.



In wintertime, Lemonsjøen is a favourite area amongst skiing enthusiasts, with a ski resort and a large and snowsure network of cross-country trails.

The Jotunheimen Trail links the area from Brimiland in the east, past Lemonsjøen, Randsverk, further inwards to Sjodalen, with Hindseter, Bessheim and Gjende in the west.

Take time to listen to the silence, enjoy the moonlight, the starry night over the magical landscape. During winter, the reindeer herd visits the area. Moose, the king of the forest, also frequently cross the ski trails. Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend offers ski and pulk rental as well as the winter game Mountain Curling.

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