Norsk Fjellsenter - Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad
Norsk Fjellsenter - Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad

Norwegian Mountain Center - where man and mountains meet

Probably the greatest hike you will ever do without hiking.

Situated right in the heart of Lom village, Norwegian Mountain Center is your stepping stone to the Norwegian mountains and outdoors. Explore the thrilling new exhibition "Spellbound", with vikings and vistas, peaks and pioneers, reindeers and ramblers, folklore and fairytales - included the interactive Mountain Science Center. Norwegian Mountain Center provides information about hikes and guided tours in the national parks around Lom, and you are more than welcome to hang out in Slingsby Café with its art gallery and combined book stor and boutique. Enjoy the outdoors - indoor!

Exhibitions, science center, art gallery, café, bookstore, boutique, information.
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Address: Brubakken 2 , 2686 Lom