Sjoa Familierafting - Family rafting

Sjoa Familierafting offers rafting for families with children aged 6 and up. With our unique location right next to Gudbrandsdalslågen, we have the absolute best conditions to give you and your family a rafting experience that is suitable for the whole family. The guide adapts the trip to the participants' wishes, skills and qualifications and ensures a safe and fun experience for everyone.
We start with the distribution of equipment at Varphaugen before we go to the rafts. After a thorough safety instruction by the river, the rafts are put on the water, and we then have approx. 7-8 km of paddling. We build up the trip and start on a calm part of the river, where we get the necessary instruction and training and then challenge the river, jump into the water and swim in the current.

The trip offers speed and excitement, and there are many opportunities to play and swim from the rafts.

When the trip is over, we get picked up by the bus and driven back to the starting point, Varphaugen, where the participants can shower and enjoy ice cream, waffles or other things from the cafe, while looking at photos from the tour.

Participants will be equipped with wet suits, wet shoes, helmet, life jacket.

Start time: 10.00 and 14.00
Duration: 2.5 hours
Age limit: 6 years
Season: 1 June – 15 September

Contact Information

Address: Gudbrandsdalsvegen 430, 2670 Otta