Sykkel på Lesja
Sykkel på Dovrefjell


The National Park Region is a Mecca for all forms of cycling. Remember that your bike will take you further and you will easily experience more. There are many fine opportunities for road cycling along national tourist routes and custom routes, both in Dovrefjell and Ottadalen.

Those who wish to get closer to the wilderness will find scenic trails for both fast riding and downhill techniques in most villages. Whatever you choose, you will experience nature at its finest. Both mountain and electric bicycles are available for rent at many cabins, should you not have your own equipment.

Bike & Hike in Jotunheimen

On an electric mountain bike from Bike & Hike you come twice as far - and experience twice as much. Read more about Bike & Hike!

Tour de Dovre on bike

Explore the scenic bike route Tour de Dovre! Tour de Dovre takes you on an idyllic tour with national parks in all directions. The round is approx. 130 kilometers and serving and lodging are along the route. Read more about Tour de Dovre!

On two wheels

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