Tour de Dovre

The new cycle path over Dovrefjell lets you journey on two wheels through three national parks: Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. Along the way you will marvel at the iconic mountains, idyllic landscapes and Norway's most beautiful farm valley.

The National Park Trail over Dovrefjell

The newly constructed gravel cycle path starts at Dombås and winds 32 kilometres to Hjerkinn. It's the gateway to Dovrefjell National Park with musk oxen, Snøhetta mountain and the world-famous Viewpoint Snøhetta. The cycle path opened in 2017 and is a real beauty, free from any motorised traffic and with good public transport links at both ends. The cycle path is marked from Dombås to Hjerkinn and can be cycled in both directions.

Tour de Dovre
Tour de Dovre
Tour de Dovre
Tour de Dovre

Frequently asked questions about the Tour de Dovre

The road through Grimsdalen opens 5th june. The road is open as long as there is no snow at the road, normally until start of October.

The shortest way is about 125 kilometres. But there is several detours that we recommend you to try.

Distance between the stop points:

Dombås - Hjerkinn: 32 kilometers

Hjerkinn - Grimsdalshytta: ca. 57 kilometers

Grimsdalshytta - Dovre: ca. 30 kilometers

Dovre - Dombås: 12 kilometers

Plan your trip well in advance – and try to include your children in the planning process! Make sure you have the necessary equipment for children and adults, or that you rent what you need. Plan your route and book your accommodation and activities well in advance.

Find out what your children are looking forward to and plan by making the finish-line the motivating factor at the end of each day. For example, meeting the horses at Hjerkinn, or a swim in the pool at Toftemo...

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Hele ruten til Tour de Dovre går utenfor nasjonalpark. Men om du planlegger en avstikker inn i nasjonalparken må du sette igjen sykkelen på grensen. Det er hovedsaklig ikke tillatt med sykkel i nasjonalparkene. Du kan lese mer om det her for Rondane og Dovre:

Dovre Round

The new national park trail makes up part of Gudbrandsdalen's most beautiful round tour on two wheels. From Hjerkinn it's an easy ride down to Folldal. Choose between biking the main road or taking a small detour to Kvitdalen (recommended). In Folldal you can stock up on supplies before cycling into Grimsdalen, widely considered as Norway's most beautiful farm valley. Kilometres of gravel trail effortlessly roll by as you become submersed in the mountain-farm scenery. Along the way you'll find great accommodation and places to eat such as Fallet Nordre, Bergseng Seter and Grimsdalshytta Lodge. After a short steep climb, you'll suddenly be gazing at the staggeringly beautiful view of Dovre and Gudbrandsdalen valley.

Taking a detour into Haverdalen, along the 17-kilometre long cul-de-sac, is well worth the effort. You'll eventually reach Haverdalseter Cabin and the farmstead operating as it did 100 years ago, making sour cream and brown cheese in its own micro-dairy. 

After a quick turnaround, you'll soon arrive in Dovre. From Dovre, there are several ways to reach Dombås. Take either the high road past the pilgrim farmstead Budsjord, or the back road to Toftemo. Both roads lead you through beautiful cultural landscapes to Dombås, just in time to replenish some carbs at the Mosk Ox Grill

Rent a bike?

In summer, Dovrefjell Adventure offers bicycle rental from various companies over Dovrefjell mountain. It means you can simply take the train to Hjerkinn, rent a bike, cycle down to Dombås, deliver the bike there and take a train home again. During the summer season at Dombås, Dovrefjell Adventure also organises daily moose safaris on electric bikes!

This is Tour de Dovre:

  • From Dombås, Tour de Dovre follows 32km of the newly built cycle path to Hjerkinn, beautifully laid and signposted for a great ride. From Hjerkinn the path is not marked, but follow the road to Folldal or the farm road into Kvitdalen, then further through Grimsdalen and down towards Dovre. Once down, you can either take the road to the centre of Dovre, or follow signs to Budsjord and then continue to Dombås.
  • The recommended starting point is Dombås. The route can be cycled either way, but most start with the Dombås-Hjerkinn stretch. The entire round trip is about 130km, mostly on gravel paths and partly on asphalt.
  • The road through Grimsdalen normally opens to traffic on 5 June, but can be cycled before then if it's clear of snow, but the road surface may be poor. The surface hardens later in the summer and is better for cycling. The road closes in autumn with the first snow fall, usually in October.
  • Tour de Dovre offers spectacular detours and activities along the way: a trip up Snøhetta mountain and Viewpoint Snøhetta; the Musk Ox Safari; a visit to the Mining Museum in Folldal; horse riding at Hjerkinn or Kvistli; and the chance to experience traditional farm life, dining and accommodation in Grimsdalen, the beautiful farmsteads in Dovre. 
  • An alternative route to cycle is "Mountain to Fjord" from Hjerkinn, down to Dombås, and then north on the marked cycle path to Lesja and Bjorli, with a charming run down the spectacular Romsdalen valley to the fjord at Åndalsnes.
  • Another good alternative is to take the train to Hjerkinn and cycle the new national park road to Dombås. From there you can take the quiet Slådalsvegen, a gravel road from Lesja to Vågå. You may want to wander further over Valdresflye plateau and on to Beitostølen.

Tour de Dovre - Kart

Dette er Tour de Dovre

Turen starter med 32 km nyetablert sykkelvei mellom Dombås og Hjerkinn som er skiltet og lagt tilrette for noen flotte kilometre på sykkel. 

Videre fra Hjerkinn kan du velge mellom bilveien til Folldal, eller en litt lengre men mindre trafikkert vei gjennom Kvitdalen. Videre fra Folldal går veien gjennom Grimsdalen, ned mot Dovre. Her kan du enten ta veien innom Dovre sentrum og Toftemo, eller følge skilting mot Budsjord og videre til Dombås.

Anbefalt start er Dombås. Videre til Hjerkinn, gjennom Folldalen og Grimsdalen tilbake til Dovre og Dombås.

Men den kan fint sykles begge veier. Hele runden er ca. 130 kilometer og går for det meste på grusvei og noen partier på asfalt.


Turen gir muligheter for mange spektakulære avstikkere og aktiviteter underveis: topptur til Snøhetta, Moskussafari og Viewpoint Snøhetta. Besøk på gruvemuseet i Folldal. Prøv hesteridning på Hjerkinn eller på Kvistli. Opplev levende setre med husdyr, servering og overnatting i Grimsdalen. Praktgårdene i Dovre.


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