Topptur i Rondane

Off-piste and Alpine Touring in North Gudbrandsdalen

Alpine Touring has revolutionised skiing in the high mountains during winter. The winter conditions are good and stable in north Gudbrandsdalen and experienced guides can show you the most wonderful ascents and descents.

The Mountains

Rondane, Reinheimen, Breheimen and Dovrefjell are full of magnificent alpine tours and wild adventures away from the prepared slopes. The most popular alpine touring areas can be found in Jotunheimen: Valdresflya, Gjende, Leirdalen and Sognefjellet.

Ski equipment

Feather-light skis, bindings and boots greatly facilitate any alpine tour, whilst giving ample support for downhill skiing. All equipment can be rented from several locations, including Gjendesheim, Rondvassbu, Lemonsjøen and Bjorli Ski School.

Guided Tours and Courses

Knowledgeable companies offer guided tours, tailor-made tours and skiing courses in the North Gudbrandsdalen mountains:

Rondaneguiden // Gjendeguiden // Jotunheimen Arrangement // Bjorli skiskole // Rondvassbu // Nordisk friluftskompani

Avalanches and Safety

Skiing in the high mountains is an extreme sport that requires safety gear and precautions. Avalanches can occur anywhere where there is snow on a slope of over 30 degrees, or flatter terrain under certain conditions. An avalanche beacon, search probe and snow shovel - and proficiency in using them - is essential, as is the ability to read terrain and snow conditions.

Tip: attend an avalanche course and learn how to plan and move safely in different types of terrain.

Always start by checking the avalanche forecast at

Download the regObs app from the App Store or Google Play. With regObs you can receive and share information about local conditions and download topographical maps to your device. Check the weather on


You can ski from the first decent snowfall, which is often as early as October. Skiing conditions are at their best when the days get a little longer, from February and into June. The months of April and May are often best - with high pressure, sunshine, long days, and perfect snow conditions.

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