Topptur Jotunheimen- Foto Johan Wildhagen

Alpine Touring in Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen has the highest mountain peaks in Norway. With excellent snow conditions, Jotunheimen is one of the best places in Norway to explore the mountaintops on skis.

From Sjodalen, there are plenty of options for day trips, or longer expeditions, in the southern part of Jotunheimen and Gjendealpene (The Gjende Alps). The area has somewhat varying snow conditions, but generally there is a lot of snow and the season can last until June.

Guides and Rental in Jotunheimen

Gjendeguiden arranges Besseggen Winter Tour, a beginners' alpine touring course, with an introduction to avalanches and safe travel in the mountains.

Jotunheimen Arrangement organises alpine-tour weekends, with guided tours in the Gjendealpene (The Gjende Alps) in winter.


Gjendesheim rents all the winter gear you may need and will gladly help with your winter excursions. They stock pulks, snowshoes, skis and boots, fatbikes and trail bikes, as well as complete alpine-tour and avalanche gear.

Jotunheimen Haute Route

Jotunheimen Haute Route is a skiing route above all others - a modern cabin-to-cabin tour over several of Norway's highest peaks. Sometimes a quick march, sometimes a confounded slog, but regardless of the ups and downs, always a memorable experience in Norway's most stunning surroundings. The route crosses at least eight glaciers and seven 2000-metre peaks, including Glittertind and Galdhøpiggen. Accommodation is in serviced cabins. Each stage is about 15km, climbing 1000 - 1500 metres.

AccommodationJotunheimen in the winter

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