Rondane Nasjonalpark
Rondane Nasjonalpark
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The Rondane mountain range towers mightily over vast, lichen-covered plateaus. To the south you'll encounter a tranquil landscape of rounded hills; to the north are high, steep mountain peaks, ten of which are over 2000 metres.

Once you ascend above the treeline in Rondane, you will find barren and rocky mountain terrain, vast plateaus covered with heather and lichen, and bare mountain peaks rising into the heavens. At 2178 metres, Rondslottet is the highest of the ten 2000-metre summits in the Rondane mountain range.

Rondane National Park was established in 1962 as Norway's first national park. Today the area covers almost 1000 square kilometres in the counties of Oppland and Hedmark. Wild reindeer have roamed this landscape for thousands of years, and many artists and writers have been inspired by Rondane's unhurried landscapes and evocative blue light.

Visit Høvringen, which in the 1900s was one of the oldest farm villages in Rondane and had 30 operating farms, or Grimsdalen, one of the oldest farm valleys in the area. The popular tourist lodge Rondvassbu, situated in the middle of Rondane and surrounded by an alluring mountain landscape, offers delicious food and comfortable beds for when you return from your outdoor adventures.

Winter in Rondane

Rondane is known for its wonderful winter light, magical pink mornings and vast blue sky. You'll find towering mountain peaks, long sloping plateaus, prepared ski runs and wonderful mountain destinations. Visit cosy mountain lodges serving local cuisine, with cross-country ski trails and skiing adventures right outside the door.

Fra fjellstue til fjellstue i Rondane

Korte bein. Store fjell. Ingen sekk. Velkommen til Rondaneturen – et fjelleventyr for alle aldre og ambisjoner.


Utforsk kremtoppene i Rondane

Mysusæter og Rondvassbu er det perfekte utgangspunktet for å utforske en eller flere av de 10 toppene over 2000 meter som ligger i Rondane.


Summer in Rondane

Cosy mountain lodges, a huge network of marked trails and adventures galore are just waiting to be explored in Rondane.

Rondslottet Mountain - the Highest in Rondane

Rondslottet is the highest and most popular summit in the area. The mountain rises 2178 metres above sea level and offers astounding views of Rondane and the surrounding Norwegian mountains.

Autumn in Rondane

Rondane is fantastic whatever the season - but in autumn there's an explosion of colour. The autumn is perhaps Rondane's most beautiful and lavish season. If you want the autumn colours, landscapes and lodges to yourself, visit the mountain wilderness on weekdays. 

There are plenty of family-friendly mountain destinations in Rondane, with great activities and accommodation. In the heart of Rondane lies the popular tourist lodge Rondvassbu. Many of the mountain lodges and farm hotels are open during the school autumn holiday.

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Vinter i Rondane

Rondane er også kjent for sitt magiske lys vinterstid med den rosa morgenhimmelen og den blå himmelen. Her finner du både høye topper, lange slake vidder, preparerte løyper og koselige fjelldestinasjoner. Besøk koselige destinasjoner og fjellstuer med velsmakende lokalmat og skimuligheter rett utenfor døra.

Se flere vinteraktiviteter i Rondane:

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Accommodation Høvringen

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