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Winter without skis in Gudbrandsdalen valley

The mountains in North Gudbrandsdalen stay covered in white from the winter holidays until far into May. Here you can enjoy snowshoeing, dog sledding or just feel the winter on your body.


A perfect way to experience magnificent scenery, getting around anywhere without worrying about sinking or slipping backwards. Snowshoes can be rented at several places in the region or you can buy them at the sport stores.


From Høvringen to Smuksjøseter in the heart of Rondane. Check out the "Explore Rondane tour".


Dog sledding is more fun than you think! Get a ride with man’s best friend at Jotunheim Husky Lodge and Sjodalen Hyttetun in Jotunheimen. This experience can easily become the highlight of your winter!


- is a tough snow sliding activity where you lie on your stomach, head first, on an inflatable sled. You can rent airboards at Bjorli Skiutleie


- requires nothing else but patience and can be extremely exciting. You’d better watch out for that mountain trout! You can go ice fishing in various places in the regions, among others at Rondvassbu.

Horseback riding

- or horse-sleigh riding will surely create a Christmas atmosphere no matter when in winter you decide to give it a try. You can ride the year round at Øyen Øvre and Kvistli


- in frozen river canyons is the winter alternative of canyoning. Watch out for ice castles and get ready to dance like Elsa in Frozen! Ice canyoning is offered at Hindseter and Juventyr.


- are never as beautiful as during mid-winter nights – look up!

What would you like to do in the winter?

Find all activities and experiences without skis in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen.

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