Dombås is located most northern in Gudbrandsdalen.

Dombås kirke

Dombås is at the junction of the E6 and E136 motorways, right in the middle of southern Norway. The village offers shops, cafés, and accommodation. It is also home to attractions such as Einbustugu, Dombås Church and a war memorial park.

Dombås has a splendid natural setting, close to the Dovrefjell, Rondane, downhill slopes and cross-country skiing, muskox safaris and many other exciting activities.

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Viewpoint Snøhetta på Dovrefjell

On Dovrefjell you can find several 2000-meter peaks, but the most famous is Snøhetta. The tallest peak in Norway, outside of Jotunheimen National Park. If you don´t want to hike to the summit, the viewpoint Snøhetta is a good alternative.


The National Park Region

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