Fjelltur på Dombås


You can find Dombås at the northern end of Gudbrandsdalen valley. Dombås is a central hub for both car roads and railroad. In Dombås you can find hotels and shops, and there are several activities to do, restaurants and accommodation. 

The hub of Dombås

E6 and E136 meets here, and the place is well known by anyone who has been driving between Oslo and Trondheim, both in car and by train. Dovrebanen, the train that goes between Oslo and Trondheim always stops at Dombås. Raumabanen, the train that goes through Romsdalen next to the magnificent river Rauma starts at Dombås and ends up in Åndalsnes. Dombås Hotell can offer good facilities for meetings and conferences and is located only 800 meters from the train station. 

In addition to the center of Dombås you can also find beautiful nature with a short way to both Dovrefjell and Rondane. There is also downhill skiing, cross country skiing, musk safari and many other, exciting activities. 

Dombås Skiheiser is known for their park that has fostered x-games participants. The park is one of the best in Norway, and is frequently used both for training and competitions by some of the best ski and snowboarders. 

Tour De Dovre

The popular bike round "Tour de Dovre" makes it possible to bike through three of our amazing national parks on two wheels. You can do the whole round: Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. You can hire a bike at Dovrefjell Adventures, they have EL-bikes and normal bikes and they are located in Dombås. It is also possible to rent bikes across Dovrefjell. You can also take the train to Hjerkinn, rent a bike there and take the bike back to Dombås. 

There are many beautiful bike routes in Dovre and the surrounding area, find more information about this here

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