In Jotunheimen you will find Norway's highest mountain, some of Norway's most popular mountain walks and great experiences for all tastes.


It was the poet Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, who walked a lot in the area in the 1860s and had a cabin at Bygdin in Valdres, which first used the name Jotunheimen. The word "jotunheimen" means "home of the giants". So Jotunheimen was the name of the place where the jotens - the trolls - belonged to the Norse godhood.

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Jotunheimen has an extensive network of paths and a well-organized hiking trip, whether it's short family-friendly walks, high mountain walks and glacier walks, climbing, or multiple day-to-hike walks.

The entire Jotunheimen abounds with opportunities for fishing and hunting. The restaurants and hotels in the area often get ingredients directly from nature's own treasury. In the creeks and fishing waters, the trout is willing to bite, in the fall you can pick berries and mushrooms. Reindeer, moose and rye thrive well in the mountain landscape.

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The great favorite: Besseggen is Norway's largest mountain classics. The surroundings are magnificent, with Gjende's green waters surrounded by steep mountainsides and majestic Jotunheimen as the perfect scenery.

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